CricketDarts Chalkboard

This application is a digital scoreboard for your game of cricket darts. In cricket darts, two players compete to close the numbers from 20 to 10, and the Double, Triple and Bull (DTB) first. After scoring three hits on a number or DTB, the player opens that number or DTB for additional score until the other player closes it. The first player to close all numbers and DTB, and have the higher score, wins! It’s as simple as that.

The game provides a timer for additional information purposes only, as well as a count of how many turns have been taken.


What’s New

Thank you for the overwhelming support!

In this version:
I’ve added an undo button.
You can now enter the players’ names.
I’ve added a button to record misses.
I’ve added a button to upload your game to iCloud.
You can now see all your previous games, including the time taken, the date and time of the games, the number of turns and misses for each player, as well as the address (location) of the game. All stored privately in your iCloud account where no one else can see.

Further Information / Help

This app is used to keep track of your Cricket Darts score, as well as a record of all your games in iCloud.

The following points are important to remember.

1. Press the ‘New Game’ button’ to reset the game and start over.

2. Press the ‘Add Names’ button to add names for the two players.

3. Press the ‘Start Timer’ button to start the timer. The timer (in seconds) has been provided for information purposes only, and is not used in determining the winner of the game. You do not need to start it, but if you do, you can also pause and restart at any time.

4. The player segment control at the top of the screen highlights each player’s turn. You can’t select this. You must record three darts for each player, including misses.

5. The multiple segment control towards the bottom of the screen is used when a player hits a Double or Triple, but doesn’t want to take the hit as such, but rather as double or triple one of the other numbers or Bull (except triple). The player should select the Double or Triple, followed by the number or Bull. If the number or Bull is not yet closed, it will record hits followed by any excess hits as score.

6. Each player in turn presses either the numbers, the double, the triple, or the bull button in the centre of the screen to mark their hit. Once three hits are recorded for a specific number or the Double, Triple or Bull, additional hits contribute to the players score (assuming the other player has not already closed it).

7. Press the ‘Missed’ button if you miss a dart.

8. Press the ‘Undo Last’ button to undo the last action entered. You can keep pressing this button to keep undoing moves.

9. Press ‘Upload’ to save the results to iCloud.

10. Press the ‘S’ button to view your other games previously uploaded to iCloud.


This app was developed by Joao Frasco, because he ran out of chalk / marker when he wanted to play a game with his friends.

Copyright © 2016 Joao Frasco. All rights reserved.