This app is great for scholars and parents wishing to understand graphs in mathematics. While there are many graphing calculators that allow you to graph many complex functions, this one focuses on teaching simple math graphs in a really simple and visual way. Using sliders to change the values of variables, you can see the impact the variable has on the overall equation or function, as well as other interesting things like x and y intercepts, local and global minimums and maximums, inflection points, and asymptotes. You will quickly grasp just how simple graphs are by watching them change shape and move around as the value of a variable becomes larger or smaller or goes from positive to negative, or zero. Even parents will wish they had this app when they went to school, as they too will grasp just how easy and fun math is.

Specifically, the following graphs are included:

1. Lines of the form y = mx+c or ax+b

2. Parabolas or Quadratics of the form y = ax^2+bx+c

3. Hyperbolas of the form y = a/(x+b)+c

4. Exponentials of the form y = ab^x+c

5. Trigonometric function (sin, cos, and tan) of the form y = a*sin(bx)+c or a*cos(bx)+c or a*tan(bx)+c

6. *New: Cubics of the form y = ax^3+bx^2+cx+d

You can also pan around the graphs and pinch to zoom in and out, and just tap the graph to reset the pan and zoom. You can also see the functions in the form of x = f(y).

Enjoy learning math graphs, and drop me an email if you would like me to include a couple of other graphs that you or or children are struggling with.

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